Year-Round Tips for Glowing, Youthful Skin

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Year-Round Tips for Glowing, Youthful Skin A clear, glowing complexion is the hallmark of youthful skin and one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. The path to achieving such beautiful skin isn’t as complicated as you may think. There are so many things you can do to keep your skin looking luminous. Read on as Dr. Mark … Read More

What Type of Bra Should You Wear After Breast Augmentation?

Enhancing the breasts with implants doesn’t just change their size; it also changes cup size. And shopping for beautiful new bras after surgery is one of the most exciting parts of the breast augmentation journey. But before you schedule a shopping trip or purchase anything online, there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow. Below, Dr. Mark Lowney explains how … Read More

Key Takeaways from a Great Consult

The consultation is a crucial part of the cosmetic surgery experience. Whether you’re planning a face, breast or body procedure, you will meet with one or more prospective cosmetic surgeons to find the one that is qualified to perform your desired procedure and who understands your aesthetic goals. If you’ve never had cosmetic surgery before, you may not know what … Read More

Erase Signs of Facial Aging Without Surgery

Even if you’ve always led a healthy lifestyle and happen to be one of the lucky few with great genes, you will eventually start to show some visible signs of aging. One of the first and most noticeable places people start to show their age is in the skin on their face. In this blog post, Dr. Mark Lowney discusses … Read More

Rejuvenating the Breasts with Breast Lift and Implants

Breast augmentation and breast lift are two unique surgeries that are frequently combined for optimal results. Often, women enter a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon expecting an augmentation to restore their youthful appearance. However, sometimes implants alone will not yield the desired result, and breast lift is also necessary to achieve the sought-after look. In this article, Dr. Mark Lowney … Read More

Can You Guess the Key to a Successful Cosmetic Surgery Recovery?

Cold presses, compression garments and soothing creams can all go a long way to minimize swelling and help you feel better after cosmetic surgery. However, the number one way to ensure a successful recovery is to listen to your doctor. Post-operative recovery is a two-way street, and the burden of success falls on the patient as well as the surgeon. … Read More

Maintain Your Lipo Results with the Right Diet

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the country. After investing time and money into surgery, Dr. Mark Lowney’s patients understandably want to maintain their results as long as possible. Although liposuction removes selective areas of targeted fat, it does not prevent future weight gain. Some of Dr. Lowney’s liposuction patients have inquired as to whether … Read More

More Millennial Men Interested in Cosmetic Treatment

Historically women have made up the overwhelming majority of patients seeking cosmetic surgery. However, a recent survey reveals that three out of 10 men are “extremely likely” to consider plastic surgery. And out of those men, 92 percent are millennials (between the ages of 18 and 34). Dr. Mark Lowney, a cosmetic surgeon in Massachusetts, works with men and women … Read More

Factors that Affect Scarring

Scarring is a concern after cosmetic surgery, and understandably so. Some of Dr. Mark Lowney’s patients that receive cosmetic surgery in Massachusetts ask him if there will be scarring that detracts from otherwise beautiful results. Dr. Lowney makes every effort to minimize scars, but some scarring is inevitable. How noticeable a scar is depends on the surgical techniques used as … Read More

Study Finds Ideal Lip Measurements

Recently the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network published the results of an interesting study that set out to find the ideal female lip aesthetic. After surveying more than 570 people about measurements for a perfect pout, the minds behind the study believe they have developed a road map to help cosmetic surgeons achieve optimal lip enhancement outcomes. … Read More