Mark X. Lowney, MDDr Jeremiah J. LowneySeptember 2008 HHF VolunteersMark X. Lowney, MD

Twenty-six years ago Dr Mark X. Lowney made his first medical mission trip to Haiti with his father, Dr Jeremiah J. Lowney, to bring medical and dental relief to the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. “We both fell in love with the Haitian people”, states Dr Mark. “These people have tremendous faith despite their incredible poverty and they are some of the most joy-filled and appreciative people you will ever meet”.

Dr Jeremiah has proceeded to establish a non-profit medical and dental outreach in Haiti called The Haitian Health Foundation, which provides medical, dental, nutritional relief and shelter to the natives of Jeremie, Haiti as well as to 250,000 people living in surrounding villages. For more information, visit Dr Mark continues to help his dad bring relief to the Haitian people every year and is now starting to bring his children to Haiti in order to experience Third World Medicine and hopefully follow in their grandfather and father’s philanthropic ways.

Dr Mark X Lowney has also been protecting the sanctity of human life by volunteering as the medical director of CareNet of Rhode Island and as a board member of A Woman’s Concern, two pro-life pregnancy resource centers. By educating pregnant women in crises with life-affirming counseling and obstetrical ultrasound pictures of their pre-born children, we are able to assist them in their difficult decision making for keeping their children for themselves or giving them up to loving adoptive parents. For more information regarding this ministry visit

Haitian Health Foundation

A Charitable Outreach to Neighbors in Need

Dr. Jeremiah Lowney wins the first AAO Award for his humanitarian efforts.

A Woman’s Concern

Pregnancy Health Services

The Genesis Fund

The Genesis Fund

Dr Mark Lowney and his family support “The Genesis Fund.” They recently had the opportunity to meet New England Patriot’s Roland James, Ronnie Lippett, and Jon Williams at a fundraising event at Gillette Stadium.

The Genesis Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Dr Murray Feingold to bridge the gap between coordinated medical care and typical health insurance coverage. Through fundraising events and private and corporate contributions the Genesis Fund has raised over $20 million dollars to help children born with birth defects, genetic diseases, and mental retardation. For more info, go to:

Haiti Medical Mission 2014

Kind Comments From Friends of Dr. Lowney

Other physicians should do what yov’ve done. You are an inspiration to many… – DR

This man is a great doctor and he has a great heart to help all…. Keep up the great work to you both… -SD

Wow that is awesome what a great lesson to teach his children. – FG

Mark and Kristine are truly an inspiration, I would love to go with you next time, thank you for doing this…God is Good! – SS

This is wonderful. I love seeing things like this, definitely more physicians should do this as well, your a great doctor and should be very proud of what you do. Your helping others that can’t get the help. You brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your family. … -JF

I think it is a wonderful experience. If he ever needs a central tech/ sterilizing tech let me know. I just got back from the Dominica on an ortho trip. -RP

Dr Lowney is my doctor he is the best doctor he is very caring and devoted to his patients I would never be happier with any other doctor in the world -JC