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Liposuction Aftercare: What to Not Do After Liposuction


Liposuction is one of the most popular fat reduction treatments due to its safety, effectiveness, and ability to produce natural, long-lasting results. However, the recovery period after liposuction is crucial in achieving optimal results.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from specific areas of the body. During recovery, the body repairs these incisions, reduces the risk of infection, and ensures the best possible outcome. By diligently following the recovery guidelines, individuals can ensure a smoother healing process and make the most out of their liposuction experience.

Wondering what to avoid or minimize after getting liposuction? Here’s everything you need to know about liposuction and aftercare to ensure a smooth recovery and get the best possible results from your procedure.

Understanding Liposuction

Also known as lipoplasty or “lipo,” this surgical procedure reshapes the body by suctioning out stubborn fat. Men and women seek liposuction to slim areas of the body and destroy belly fat, love handles, and bra bulges that resist diet and exercise.

There are two different types of liposuction: laser-assisted liposuction and power-assisted liposuction. Both procedures suction excess fat from the body through a hollow metal tube called a cannula. However, they use different strategies in preparing the fat for removal. Regardless of your liposuction procedure, you’ll experience a period where your body needs time to bounce back.

The removal of fat cells causes the body to go through a healing process that may result in swelling, bruising, and discomfort. By allowing enough time for recovery, these side effects can gradually decrease. Additionally, respecting the recovery period allows your body to redistribute the remaining fat cells evenly. This ensures a more balanced and pleasing appearance. Therefore, following lipo aftercare guidelines reduces the risk of complications and maximizes the final results of your liposuction procedure.

Avoiding a Healthy, Nutritious Diet

Following a healthy lifestyle is crucial to maximize your liposuction results for both the short-term and long-term. Incorporate a balanced, nutrient-dense diet full of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and healthy whole grains. Doing so nourishes your body and helps you manage your weight. Alleviate pain and discomfort by eating anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, kale, berries, and green tea. To promote optimal recovery, avoid or limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks, processed foods, and fast foods.

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Not Keeping Surgical Sites Clean

Along with resting and recovery, be diligent about caring for your surgical incisions. Not following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions for cleaning, dressing, and shielding your wounds and drains can lead to infection and dangerous complications. Keeping your surgical sites clean dramatically reduces the possibility of infection. Additionally, proper surgical site care ensures minimal scarring.

Not Taking Prescribed Medications

Slacking on taking the prescribed medications is a lipo aftercare mistake you do not want to make. To smooth your lipo recovery process, take your medications as directed by your doctor. You may not be in severe pain and think you can stop taking your medications. However, you must stick through the whole plan as instructed by your surgeon. Controlling your pain is important to ensure you rest, recover, and progress effectively.

Removing or Adjusting Compression Garments

Following your surgeon’s instructions on using compression garments post-op is crucial. Avoid removing or adjusting these garments without consulting your surgeon, as they play an important role in your recovery. These garments are designed to support the treated areas, reduce swelling and bruising, and increase circulation. They are also crucial for your body to get used to its new, sculpted shape.

Exercising Too Soon After Surgery

It is important to avoid strenuous physical activities or exercises for several weeks after surgery or as your surgeon recommends. You should refrain from high-impact activities that involve heavy lifting, intense workouts, or contact sports for the first couple of weeks following surgery. These types of activities can hinder the healing process and cause strain on your body. Intense exercise may also cause bleeding and increase your risk of infection.

Start slowly when your doctor gives you the green light to work out again. Begin with light activities such as short walks or gentle stretching. Gradually increase intensity and duration as your body recuperates. Following proper exercise guidelines ensures a smooth recovery.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Certain lifestyle changes should be followed to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. Smoking should be strictly avoided after liposuction. Smoking can hinder your healing process and increase your risks of complications. It squeezes blood vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to tissues. As a result, this negatively impacts the healing of incisions and the surrounding areas. Therefore, it is strongly advised to refrain from smoking during the recovery period.

Additionally, alcohol consumption should also be avoided while recovering from liposuction. Alcohol can interfere with your body’s ability to heal correctly. This can lead to complications and delay the recovery process. It is best to avoid alcohol for the first two weeks post-surgery or until your surgeon gives you the green light. Along with limiting your alcohol intake, stay hydrated by drinking enough water to help your recovery and prevent excessive swelling.

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