CoolSculpting Treatment Areas | Complete Body Contouring

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting treatment areas include belly fat, love handles, inner and outer thigh fat, double chins, upper arm fat, back fat, armpit fat, and more. CoolSculpting Treatment Areas | Fat Freezing from Head to Toe CoolSculpting treatment areas cover almost any stubborn fat deposit and this versatility is changing the entire body contouring industry. The non-invasive method is extremely popular for … Read More

BBL SURGERY | What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL surgery

BBL SURGERY | What is a Brazilian Butt Lift? BBL surgery, or a Brazilian Butt Lift, is rapidly becoming a procedure that people in today’s culture are excited about. Are you looking for a perkier bottom like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez? Dr. Mark Lowney, at Advanced Body Sculpting, is a skilled cosmetic surgeon who has performed the natural looking … Read More

Labia Reduction In Massachusetts


Labia Reduction In Massachusetts  Labia reduction is a popular type of vaginal rejuvenation. As women age and birth children, the inner vaginal lips of a vagina can become elongated or asymmetrical. The team at Advanced Body Sculpting in Massachusetts has given vaginal makeovers to many women, showing major results. Dr. Mark Lowney is knowledgeable about the labia reduction procedure, and … Read More

Cosmetic Surgery Grows In Popularity


Cosmetic Surgery Grows In Popularity Cosmetic surgery is becoming the new norm. With nearly two million plastic surgery procedures performed every year in the United States, men and women are taking advantage of modern medicine. Over the last 10 years, the total number of cosmetic surgeries has increased by ninety-eight percent…and it’s not only women who are driving these numbers. … Read More

How to Lose Weight Fast | Fat Reduction Treatments

How to lose weight fast

Learn how to lose weight fast with the two leading fat reduction treatments: Liposuction and CoolSculpting from Advanced Body Sculpting of New England. How to Lose Weight Fast | Fat Reduction Treatments   Ask anyone what one of their goals is for the year, and inevitably, you will receive several answers of wanting to lose weight. Losing weight, getting in … Read More


coolsculpting Fall River

FINDING THE BEST COOLSCULPTING FALL RIVER PROVIDER | 4 PROVEN TIPS When looking for your preferred CoolSculpting Fall River provider, there are a few factors that matter even more than finding a spa with the lowest advertised CoolSculpting cost. Shopping for a CoolSculpting provider isn’t like hunting down electronics or other consumer goods – the first priority is finding a … Read More

Celebrities’ Boob Job | A-Listers with Breast Implants

Boob Job

Some celebrities will never admit to a boob job, but others are happy to talk about their breast implants. Read on to learn what Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy & Kim Kardashian have to say about their boob jobs. Celebrities’ Boob Job | Three A-Listers with Breast Implants Cosmetic surgery has long been a staple for Hollywood elite who have to … Read More

Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?


Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?   For a long time, Liposuction was the sole option for those who want to reduce stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to exercise or dieting. And for good reason. Liposuction results are impressive. However, the invasiveness of the procedure is off-putting to some who might be worried about surgical incisions … Read More

Gummy Bear Implants | The Advantages of Form-Stable Implants

gummy bear implants

Better Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants Gummy bear implants, like silicone gel implants, offer natural-looking breast augmentation at a lower risk of complication than traditional implants, such as saline implants. Also known as form-stable implants, silicone gel and gummy bear implants come in multiple sizes and shapes. Form-stable implants are becoming more and more in demand, so what exactly … Read More

Breast Implants Cost: Breast Augmentation in Massachusetts

breast implants cost

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost? Anyone considering breast augmentation can benefit from learning the factors that determine breast implants cost. While a “boob job” is one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgeries a woman can get, the cost of breast augmentation can be a substantial investment. Before shopping for the cheapest breast implants available in Massachusetts, consider what determines … Read More