Reasons to Postpone or Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

As a trusted Massachusetts cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark X. Lowney is responsible for helping thousands of patients achieve their desired appearance through creative treatment solutions. Occasionally, he determines that an individual patient should postpone their desired cosmetic surgery procedure or avoid it altogether. These decisions are based exclusively on the health and safety of the patient. Read on to learn … Read More

How to Repair Sun Damage after Summer

Summer takes a toll on the health and beauty of the skin. Even hiding under a wide-brimmed hat and bathing in sunscreen all summer cannot completely protect the skin from wrinkles, dark sunspots or a dull, lackluster tone.

Tips for Aging Well

It is impossible to avoid the aging process altogether, but there are ways to take it in stride. Dr. Mark X. Lowney, a cosmetic surgeon serving Fall River, Mass., and the surrounding areas, suggests that everyone interested in aging well start with the following everyday habits.

ISAPS Releases Global Statistics for Cosmetic Surgery

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is an authority on global trends in plastic surgery. Their 2015 procedural statistics — tabulated from the responses to surveys sent to more than 35,000 plastic surgeons — confirm what many suspected. The number of individuals finding value in cosmetic surgery is on the rise worldwide. Dr. Mark X. Lowney, a cosmetic surgeon … Read More

What Can I Do about Noticeable Cellulite?

Have you noticed sections of dimply, puckered-looking skin on your legs or buttocks? You are not alone. Health magazine estimates that nearly 90 percent of women will develop cellulite (the term for the puckered-looking skin) at some point in their lives. Women in Fall River, Mass., and the surrounding areas trust Dr. Mark X. Lowney of Advanced Body Sculpting of … Read More

How Soon Can I Exercise after My Cosmetic Treatment?

If you are an active person that enjoys exercise, you probably have questions about the cosmetic surgery recovery period and when, exactly, you can resume your workout routine. Since Dr. Mark X. Lowney fields this question from his patients often, he thought it would be wise to devote an entire blog post to the topic.

More Millennials Seeking Botox as Preventative Measure

Every year, between the months of March and May, the leading cosmetic surgery organizations release reports on industry trends. These reports include data on the most popular procedures, as well as patient demographics. One trend caught everyone’s attention this year — not because of the procedure, but because of who is requesting it.

Day of Surgery Checklist

On the day of your cosmetic surgery procedure, it is normal to experience a range of emotions, including joy, excitement and even some nervousness. But above all else, cosmetic surgeon Mark X. Lowney wants you to feel prepared. Here, he shares a helpful checklist for your day of surgery.

Does Hair Grow Back after Laser Hair Removal?

As one of the leading laser hair removal providers in the area, Dr. Mark X. Lowney receives a lot of inquiries about the treatment. One of the questions that arises frequently is whether hair grows back after treatment, so Dr. Lowney decided to devote a blog post to the answer and explanation.

Gynecomastia: Truths vs. Myths

With so much information circulating the Internet about gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), it can be difficult to distinguish truth from myth. To better educate his patients, cosmetic surgeon Mark X. Lowney separates the facts from the fiction here.