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3 Ways Vaginoplasty Improves Feminine Wellness


Are you self-conscious about the appearance or function of your vagina? You’re not alone. Giving birth or even just going through the course of life can cause dramatic changes to the genital area. Its why countless women turn to vaginoplasty—to address these concerns and improve their feminine wellness.

Let’s explore what the procedure entails, three ways it can improve your sex life, and how to ensure top-notch results.

What's the Inside Scoop on Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a rejuvenation surgery that improves the function and appearance of the vagina. We perform it for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  •  Correct structural defects
  •  Tighten the vaginal muscles
  •  Enhance sexual pleasure
  •  Bolster self-esteem and confidence
  •  Address vaginal laxity
  •  Improve vaginal appearance and function

Thinking about getting vaginoplasty? Like any surgery, it carries potential risks. Patients must understand the benefits and risks before making a decision. Get long-lasting results by trusting a qualified surgeon like Dr. Mark X. Lowney to perform the surgery.

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How Does Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Work?

Vaginoplasty involves surgically modifying the vaginal tissue to improve the vagina’s appearance and function. The specific technique used depends on each patient’s needs and goals.

Before the surgery, Dr. Lowney will put you under a general anesthetic. This ensures you won’t feel any pain when he makes incisions in the vaginal tissue and removes excess skin. During the procedure, he reshapes and tightens the tissue to create a more youthful vagina. In some cases, he may also use laser technology to remove or tighten tissue.

After vaginal reconstruction, it’s normal to experience mild discomfort and swelling. These after-effects subside within a week or two. Many of our patients resume work within two weeks.

Why Do Women Get Vaginoplasty?

Getting older and giving birth takes a toll on your vagina. There are several reasons why someone might undergo vaginoplasty:

  •  Feeling self-conscious about how their vagina looks and feels
  •  Wanting to improve sexual pleasure
  •  Desiring a fix for structural defects
  •  Longing for their pre-baby genital anatomy

Here are three ways vaginoplasty improves feminine wellness:

1. Fixes Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity is a common concern among women. It happens as a result of aging, childbirth, and hormonal changes. This problem can lead to sexual discomfort and embarrassing moments like stress incontinence. Vaginoplasty addresses this issue by tightening the muscles in the area and removing excess skin.

Besides painful sex, having a loose vagina can lead to depression or anxiety. With societal pressure to look a certain way, women may not feel like they measure up to the standards. Vaginal reconstruction can prevent this by restoring confidence and self-esteem.

2. Improves Appearance

If you want a smaller and tighter vagina, vaginoplasty can help. As women age and become less active, their muscles weaken and lose elasticity. This can result in a bigger vaginal opening.

Vaginoplasty improves the vagina’s appearance by removing excess skin around the labia. It also tightens up surrounding muscles, so the area looks smoother with less bulging skin.

3. Enhances Sexual Function

By tightening the vaginal muscles, vaginoplasty improves muscle tone and sexual intimacy.1 The increased friction during intercourse can result in elevated pleasure for both partners. Many patients report having a better sex life and can orgasm easier than before!

If you have a prolapsed uterus, then you know it can put a damper on sexual function. Vaginoplasty can help with this and reduce urinary incontinence. It tightens the weakened pelvic floor muscles responsible for bladder control. After the procedure, you won’t leak when you sneeze or cough during intercourse.

How Do I Get Unparalleled Vaginoplasty Results?

Avoiding infection and allowing your body to recover is the first step to getting top-notch results:

  •  Keep your genital area dry and clean.
  •  Refrain from strenuous activities for six weeks.
  •  Use a donut ring to relieve pressure in the genital region.
  •  Apply ice on the perineum to relieve swelling as needed.
  •  Wait three months before resuming sexual intercourse.
  •  Avoid smoking or tobacco use for at least one month after surgery.
  •  Start with a liquid diet. Gradually transition into your usual diet.
  •  Take pain medication as prescribed to mitigate post-operative discomfort.

Dr. Lowney will provide detailed instructions for you to care for this sensitive area. Complete healing may take a few weeks to a few months. The exact timeframe depends on your surgery’s extent.

Should I Get a Vaginoplasty or a Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Both a vaginoplasty and a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can bring positive results. But they differ in terms of their effectiveness, costs, and long-term effects. Understanding the pros and cons of each enables you to pick the solution that aligns with your needs.

Not ready for an invasive procedure? Non-surgical rejuvenation may address mild cases of:

  •  Vaginal looseness
  •  Vaginal dryness
  •  Sagging labia
  •  Stress incontinence
  •  Uncomfortable intercourse

Since it’s non-invasive and relies on laser and radiofrequency energy, there’s less downtime. You may achieve your desired results if you’re not seeking dramatic changes. Unlike vaginoplasty, though, effects may be temporary. This means you’ll need more treatments over time to maintain results. The costs add up and can rival the price of surgery.

On the other hand, vaginoplasty delivers promising results if your symptoms are more severe. A study showed patients with severe-degree vaginal laxity experienced significant improvement after vaginoplasty. The patient satisfaction rate in the study group was an impressive 88.23%.2

Vaginal Rejuvenation for Improved Feminine Wellness | Fall River, MA

Thinking about vaginoplasty or exploring the idea of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation? Advanced Body Sculpting of New England can guide you in the right direction. Women in the Greater Providence area, Newport County, and the south coast of Massachusetts come to us for improved feminine wellness.

Dr. Lowney and his team can help you feel and look your best with safe and effective techniques, customized to your needs. We offer free consultations to determine your perfect fit. Call (877) 577-5476 to book yours today.

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