Rejuvenating the Breasts with Breast Lift and Implants

Breast augmentation and breast lift are two unique surgeries that are frequently combined for optimal results. Often, women enter a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon expecting an augmentation to restore their youthful appearance. However, sometimes implants alone will not yield the desired result, and breast lift is also necessary to achieve the sought-after look. In this article, Dr. Mark Lowney discusses breast rejuvenation with both breast lift and implants.

What Can Implants Do For You?  

Many women find that breast augmentation with implants gives them the look they desire, whether it is the size or the shape of the breast they wish to alter. Here are a few ways in which implants can improve your look:

  • Implants can increase the size of small breasts and give them a more aesthetically pleasing contour.
  • Certain types of breast asymmetry can be corrected using implants.
  • Misshapen breasts can be rejuvenated with implants.
  • Implants can also be used to reshape breasts after a mastectomy, or other surgeries.

The Benefits of Breast Lift

Breast lift procedures correct a different set of concerns, although there is also some overlap with how breast lifts and implants can both improve your look. It is common for women to encounter dramatic changes in their breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Only a breast lift can remove the excess skin and tissue that causes breast sag and droop. Likewise, a dramatic fluctuation in weight will result in stretched skin and the loss of breast volume. These unwanted changes can be corrected via breast lift surgery as well.

A Combination of the Two 

Often, women find that they can only achieve total breast rejuvenation with a combination of augmentation and lift surgeries. By undergoing these cosmetic procedures at the same time, the patient is able to obtain their ideal breast shape and contour, reduce risk by combining two surgeries into one and decrease overall recovery time. Depending on the type of procedures elected, rejuvenation can even be accomplished with minimal or hidden scarring.

A board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help you decide if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation with implants and breast lift surgeries. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Lowney, call Advanced Body Sculpting of New England at (877) 577-5476.