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BBL Cost


Originally, implants were the way to create curvier butts. Today’s innovative technology allows us to repurpose the fat removed during liposuction and place it in the butt area for a fuller, firmer appearance. After this process, we lift short buttocks creases to reveal natural-looking volume. If done correctly by a reputable spa, the result does not look exaggerated or unnatural. Read on to learn more about Brazilian Butt Lifts and the different factors that determine BBL cost.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

People who want to plump up their butt while slimming down the torso may wonder how much a Brazilian butt lift costs. The truth is it varies depending on a variety of factors. A recent survey at RealSelf shows the average price is $6,650, but it can be more or less due to:

Are you looking for a clear-cut answer on pricing? Contact us to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your needs. Find out what to expect, so there are no surprise bills later. In addition to the budget, we must ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. If everything goes well, we can get you in the books to kickstart your journey.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

If you have been craving a more voluptuous derriere, a Brazilian butt lift may be worth the investment. Patients have enjoyed these benefits:

Can I Afford a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Questions about treatment costs are challenging to address online. BBL cost is so different for each person. To give accurate pricing information, we must evaluate your weight, specific anatomy, and how much fat needs to be removed from an area of your body to transfer to your buttocks. The team at Advanced Body Sculpting of New England takes pride in an individualized approach. This involves developing a unique plan according to specific goals and circumstances.

As with any big purchase, we understand that cost is only one thing people consider when searching for a Brazilian butt lift provider. Our facility is happy to educate you about the procedure so that you get the greatest value.

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BBL Cost in Fall River, MA

Have you spent hours at the gym working on your dream booty, but been struggling to get there? You are not alone. Find out how much Brazilian butt lifts cost in the Fall River, MA area by calling Advanced Body Sculpting of New England at (877) 577-5476. Residents in the Greater Providence region, Newport County, and Massachusetts’ south coast trust our medical spa to deliver desired results without months of glute exercises.


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