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CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting treatment areas include belly fat, love handles, inner and outer thigh fat, double chins, upper arm fat, back fat, armpit fat, and more.

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas | Fat Freezing from Head to Toe

CoolSculpting treatment areas cover almost any stubborn fat deposit and this versatility is changing the entire body contouring industry. The non-invasive method is extremely popular for several reasons. The treatment is FDA approved, requires no surgery, has little to no downtime and delivers great outcomes. People who have areas on their bodies surrounded by tenacious fat are hailing the procedure. Most individuals have body areas which are notorious for fatty tissue that’s almost impossible to get rid of. These are generally found in confined parts of your torso (armpits) or in broader parts such as the belly or abdomen. However, with the diverse line of CoolSculpting applicators, pockets of fat cells whether small isolated bulges or bigger broader fat deposits can be a thing of the past.

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What Makes Coolsculpting Work So Well Against Stubborn Fat?

Anytime people hear about a new treatment they become a bit skeptical; more so when the procedure renders tremendous results to users. The great thing about Coolsculpting is that there is no gimmick. Endless before and after pictures of actual Coolsculpting patients attest to that. The way the treatment works so well is through a scientific method called Cryolipolysis. Via a controlled cooling method, the Coolsculpting procedure reveals and targets tenacious bulges around the body. A sleek designed Coolsculpting applicator is utilized to deliver the cooling. At the hands of a certified Coolsculpting expert, the applicator is placed in the stubborn part of the body. Any Coolsculpting treatment area that presents a problem can be targeted.

Freeze Away Stubborn Bulges with CoolSculpting


CoolSculpting Treatment Areas Target Double Chins to Fatty Knees and Everything in Between



The applicator uses a suction process that’s gentle and safe. The hypodermic fatty cells are drawn to the top of the surface of the skin. They are then exposed to the controlled cooling method. Best of all, at no time is the skin or surrounding tissue harmed. Once frozen, fat cells are crystallized by the controlled cooling. At this point, they rupture and become unable to store fat. The immune system then tells the body to remove these ruptured dead fat cells. They all end up leaving your body via waste weeks later.¹

CoolSculpting Applicators for Various CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

One of the great things about the line of Coolsculpting applicators is that they are diversified. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes, depending on the need of the patient. Some can be used to treat big areas while others are capable of reaching secluded spots. At the hands of a Coolsculpting fat reduction expert, these applicators can be lethal to tenacious fat. Prior to treatment, your certified specialist finds which applicator is the best one for your particular body. They are then able to target and remove fat from the Coolsculpting treatment areas you desire.

Areas for CoolSculpting Treatment

The fat freezing procedure works very well in certain areas. The following Coolsculpting treatment areas can be targeted:

  • Fatty cells or belly fat on the abs
  • Flanks, love handles or hip fat
  • Back fat, armpit fat or bra bulge
  • The coveted thigh gap can be achieved by targeting saddlebags, inner and outer thigh fat
  • Lower buttocks fat
  • Double chin and neck fat
  • For males with man boobs or moobs; or anyone with chest fat problems
  • Fat sediment above the knees

Pick Your Problematic Coolsculpting Treatment Areas

Stubborn fat which cannot be removed through dieting or exercising is no longer a problem. You can choose which Coolsculpting treatment areas you want to deal with from the list above. You can find out more about how the entire Coolsculpting procedure works through a complimentary consultation. The experts at Advanced Body Sculpting of New England will answer all your questions. Call the leading CoolSculpting Fall River provider at (877) 577-5476. You can also visit online to schedule a free Coolsculpting appointment.


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