There Are Solutions To Male Breast Problems.

Male breast problems consisting of unwanted fat and/or glandular tissue are a relatively common problem that can be seen in all ages of the male population. While gynecomastia is not a medical problem, it is generally a cosmetic problem for men.


There are many different surgical options for gynecomastia. The most common and most non-invasive option is liposuction which can be combined with SmartLipo lipoplasty to reduce the size of the male breasts and tighten the overlying skin. Dr. Mark X. Lowney of Advanced Body Sculpting of New England, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, will typically try this surgical option first; especially if the male breast problem predominantly consists of excessive adipose tissue (fatty tissue). Liposuction will often lead to a large reduction in the size of the breast. If the breast tissue is hard or there is firm glandular tissue beneath the areolas (which can occur in men taking exogenous hormones for body-building or to increase athletic performance), then a small incision can be made in the areola and this glandular tissue can be directly removed. Sometimes, both liposuction and excision of glandular tissue are combined. If a very large amount of breast tissue exists it may be necessary to remove some skin but this is the last option because it will leave scars on the chest wall. These scars are less noticeable on men with a lot of hair on their chests.

Recovery depends on the specifics of the procedure but is usually only a few days. With liposuction only, most men are able to return to work in 3 days and exercise in 7 days. If excision of glandular tissue or skin is involved, most men can return to work in 5 days but must refrain from exercise for up to 2 weeks. Chest exercises will need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks after excisional surgery.

The Goal of Male Breast Surgery

After careful consideration, Dr. Mark X. Lowney will recommend the surgical and non-surgical treatment options that will help you obtain the most natural look. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction and a natural look without any signs of surgery. Through meticulous attention to detail, all scars are well hidden, and minimally invasive techniques are performed whenever possible to give you the best result with the least amount of downtime.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • Healthy men 18 to 65
  • Non-smokers
  • Non-diabetics
  • Realistic expectations for reduced size and shape of the breast
  • Not Morbidly Obese