Financing Your Procedure

At our Fall River, Massachusetts practice we understand that your well-being may be transformed by a procedure at our office. However financing your procedure can sometimes present challenges. Some patients may choose to save up for a procedure, postponing an improvement in the quality of their life and self esteem. To make the financing process as easy as possible we … Read More

Breast Augmentation Massachusetts

Body confidence can be an important factor in a positive self-image and good self-esteem. For women, the size and shape of their breasts many be an important aspect of feeling their best. At our Fall River, Massachusetts practice, breast augmentation can give you the sexy look you desire with the use of a saline or silicone implant. A consultation with … Read More

Breast Lift Fall River

Many factors can contribute to loss of shape or volume in the breasts. For most women the delicate skin and tissue of the breast results in loss of firmness over time. Whether it’s genetics, age or the effects of pregnancy that has changed the look of your breasts, Dr. Lowney can give you a new beautiful shape. Contact us for … Read More

Fall River Breast Reduction

Very large breasts can be painful for a number of physical and psychological reasons. Medical problems can range from back, neck, and shoulder pain to headaches, and irritation or infection of the skin under the breasts. However Dr. Lowney understands that the psychological effects of possessing excessively large breasts can sometimes be even more devastating. Extreme self-consciousness, difficulty finding clothes … Read More

DermaSweep Massachusetts

Microdermabrasion employs a jet of crystals that brush away dead and dull surface skin cells to brighten your complexion and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. At our Massachusetts Medical Spa, DermaSweep microdermabrasion is performed by an high skilled professional. Using a high precision technique, we deliver excellent results while causing little trauma to your living cells and ensuring … Read More

Massachusetts Liposuction

Liposuction at our Massachusetts practice can be an excellent body contouring tool for patients who struggle with weight gain in certain areas. Dr Lowney understands that it’s possible that even with diet and lifestyle changes, certain locations such as: the tummy, upper thighs, upper arms or under the chin may continue to retain excess fat. Why not have your hard … Read More

Lip Enhancement Fall River

Whether genetics or age have given you thin lips, you can increase their volume at our Fall River practice. Now more than ever, scores of people are craving plump, gorgeous lips. Just like any other area of the face and body, our lips can reveal our age by appearing thinner and more creased over time. Options for enhancing the appearance … Read More

Labiaplasty Massachusetts

Whether your prominent labia are bothersome in certain clothing, make you self-conscious during sex, or make exercise difficult or uncomfortable, Dr. Lowney and his compassionate staff can assist you. Labiaplasty usually focuses on the labia minor or inner lips surrounding the vagina. However, Dr. Lowney can also reduce an overly large labia majora, or the outer lips, which can become … Read More

Gynecomastia Treatment- Fall River

For men who are coping with swelling or increased size around the nipple and breast (gynecomastia) male breast reduction surgery may be the answer. In the Fall River area Dr. Lowney is known for his discretion and professional staff. Compassionate and skilled, Dr. Lowney employs various forms of liposuction as well as state of the art surgical skills in order … Read More