Factors that Affect Scarring

Scarring is a concern after cosmetic surgery, and understandably so. Some of Dr. Mark Lowney’s patients that receive cosmetic surgery in Massachusetts ask him if there will be scarring that detracts from otherwise beautiful results.

Dr. Lowney makes every effort to minimize scars, but some scarring is inevitable. How noticeable a scar is depends on the surgical techniques used as well as other factors that Dr. Lowney outlines in this post.

Your Genetics

Some people are simply prone to noticeable scarring. If you have had poor scarring from a previous surgery, you have a higher chance of scarring again.

Skin Tone

Darker skin tones tend to naturally develop scars that are thicker and tougher. For example, this is often the case for patients of African-American and South Asian descent.

Your Age

Generally as we get older, our skin loses some of its elasticity and collagen. Our immune system also weakens. As a result, our bodies are not able to heal as well from wounds.

The Location of the Incision

Wounds in certain areas of the body do not heal as well as others. A wound over a joint or in the back tends to leave more scarring. Dr. Lowney is very aware of this and creates the surgical incisions in carefully chosen locations, like the natural folds or creases of the skin.

How Well the Surgical Wound Heals

A clean and protected surgical wound is more likely to heal well and produce less noticeable scarring. Patients receive detailed instructions for caring for their surgical incision lines and keeping them clean and well protected.

Dr. Lowney advises patients to keep the healing incisions out of the sun, not smoke and avoid picking at any scabs. He can also provide ointment or another topical product to apply to the healing skin.

What You Can Do to Aid the Healing Process

You should eat nutrient-rich foods, including fresh fruit, vegetables and protein. Stay hydrated with water and tea (avoid caffeine as best you can). When Dr. Lowney clears you to resume exercise, take short walks. This helps your blood flow so the healing tissues can get the nutrients and oxygen they need to rebuild.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Lowney

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