Erase Signs of Facial Aging Without Surgery

Even if you’ve always led a healthy lifestyle and happen to be one of the lucky few with great genes, you will eventually start to show some visible signs of aging. One of the first and most noticeable places people start to show their age is in the skin on their face. In this blog post, Dr. Mark Lowney discusses cosmetic procedures that erase the signs of facial aging without surgery. 

Chemical Peels  

They’ve been around for decades now, but that does not make them outdated. New technologies and solutions have kept the chemical peel up to date and effective over the years. Here are a few issues chemical peels can address:

  • Certain types of acne can be treated using chemical peels.
  • Small scars can be erased.
  • Fine lines surrounding the eyes and mouth will diminish.
  • The appearance of age spots, sun spots and even freckles can be dramatically reduced.

How Peels Work

Most chemical peels use a combination of ingredients that are applied to the face to remove the outer layer of skin. The old skin will then peel off, exposing a fresh layer of new skin. The new skin is more elastic than the old dead skin, and does not show as many wrinkles or spots. This procedure can be used on the face, hands and neck to produce smoother, young-looking skin. The Hollywood Peel (also known as the Carbon Laser Peel) improves the texture and tone of your face by using a laser to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating new growth. A thin layer of carbon on the face helps the laser reach down into the pores, tightening the skin and improving the complexion.

Other Non-Surgical Treatments 

While chemical peels remain in favor due to their non-invasive nature and relatively quick downtime, needle-based treatments are gaining popularity. The INFINI treatment uses dozens of tiny needles to get under the skin to tighten pores. While numbing agents are used to prevent discomfort, inflammation and redness will persist for a few days, requiring a little more downtime than chemical peels. Whether you opt for needles or peels, several non-surgical treatments are available to reduce the signs of facial aging.

Depending on your complexion and skin type, there could be a non-surgical way for you to reduce the signs of facial aging. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Lowney, call Advanced Body Sculpting of New England at (877) 577-5476.