Does Cosmetic Surgery Change Who You Are?

Cosmetic surgery enables medical professionals like Dr. Mark Lowney to change virtually any part of a patient’s appearance. But exactly how far do these cosmetic modifications go — can they change who you are as a person?

Although cosmetic surgery does not intrinsically change a person, it can change the patient’s confidence, happiness, behavior and the way they look at themselves. Advanced Body Sculpting of New England’s own Dr. Lowney explains more here.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Change Self-Image

Cosmetic surgery can certainly change how you look at yourself. If you have spent your entire life feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose or your oversized breasts, you know what it is like to be self-conscious, introverted or shy. Now imagine how fixing this feature can completely change how you regard yourself!

With more confidence, you might find that other areas of your life start to change. Confident people are more likeable and more motivated to make positive changes. You may discover you have the confidence to make new friends or form new romantic relationships. You might decide to pursue a new job, raise or promotion. The perceived “flaws” that once held you back from going after your dreams are no longer a consideration.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Change Behavior

Addressing a long-term insecurity can have other effects on your life. It can affect how you start to behave.

Consider the woman that is very self-conscious of her body after having children. She does not want to undress or let anyone (including her husband) see her naked breasts or abdomen. As a result, the couple’s relationship begins to falter.

After undergoing a mommy makeover, the woman starts to feel great about her appearance. Because her self-image and confidence have improved, her behavior starts to change. She opens up to her husband and starts to behave as she did before she had kids. As a result, the couple’s relationship improves.

Here’s another scenario for you to consider: A man who once weighed upwards of 400 pounds has bariatric surgery and loses 200 pounds with strict diet and exercise. However, his smaller figure remains obscured by folds of loose skin. Despite making serious progress with healthy diet and exercise, the man still regards himself as significantly overweight. This discourages him from working out and he starts to revert to poor eating habits with little exercise.

Post-bariatric plastic surgery removes this loose skin, making the man’s weight loss progress more noticeable. It’s also easier to exercise and move around without the loose skin. His outward appearance finally matches the active, motivated person within. Seeing this incredible transformation motivates him to eat healthfully and work out regularly.

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