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The arrival of fall is the perfect time to reassess your beauty regimen. Here, Dr. Mark X. Lowney offers some helpful do’s and don’ts to keep your skin healthy and vibrant throughout fall.


  • Don’t use your summer moisturizer. Cooler, drier weather means your skin needs more moisture. A lightweight facial moisturizer or skin serum is great for warm, humid summer weather because it helps prevent your skin from becoming too oily. For fall and winter months, however, use a heavier cream or oil-based serum for an extra boost of moisture.
  • Don’t stop using sunscreen. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays that can penetrate clouds and reach your skin. Not protecting yourself from the sun can cause sunburns or even wrinkles and fine lines over time. Always use broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater.
  • Don’t stop wearing sunglasses. Overexposure to the sun can cause crow’s feet around the eyes, which contribute to a tired, older-looking facial appearance. Always wear sunglasses with 100 UV protection. Additionally, wraparound and big-framed glasses are great options that protect the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Don’t use dirty makeup brushes. Over time, oil and bacteria can accumulate on your makeup brushes, which can easily be transferred onto your skin. Remember to wash your makeup brushes with mild soap and water at least once a month.
  • Don’t fall for unhealthy foods. Foods high in saturated fats can cause unsightly blemishes on your skin, while sodium-rich foods can dehydrate the skin. Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables can keep your body hydrated and help your skin release toxins and regulate oil production.


  • Do hydrate. Water helps your skin release toxins and prevents your skin from looking flaky and dry. This is especially helpful during fall and winter when the air is dry and moisture is sparse. Keep your skin vibrant and luminous by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day.
  • Do exfoliate. Exfoliating with a gentle oil-based scrub can help you achieve fresh, dewy skin. Exfoliating removes dead cells from the skin and unclogs pores to keep oil from building up. Exfoliate once or twice a week to reinvigorate the skin.
  • Do wash your face at night. Toxins and bacteria build up on your skin throughout the day, which can clog your pores and lead to skin flare-ups. Likewise, falling asleep with your makeup on can clog pores and irritate the skin. Gently wash your face with warm water.
  • Do take it to go. Protect your lips and hands from windy or dry weather by carrying lip balm and hand cream in your bag. The hands and lips can experience severe dryness and discomfort during the fall and winter seasons, as they’re often exposed.
  • Do renew your skin. Even if you don’t see any obvious signs of damage, long-term exposure to the sun can take a toll on the skin. Uneven skin tone, age spots, and wrinkles can make the skin and face look haggard and aged. Dr. Mark X. Lowney offers a range of skin rejuvenation treatments to reinvigorate and refresh the skin. The ApothePeel treatment can be used on the face, arms, hands, neck, and chest to remove wrinkles and improve skin texture and tone. ProFractional Therapy uses tiny laser beams to create healthy, vibrant skin.

To learn more about your skin rejuvenation options, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Mark X. Lowney. Please call Advanced Body Sculpting of New England today at (877) 577-5476.


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