Questions to Ask Yourself before Having Cosmetic Surgery

The happiest cosmetic surgery patients are the ones that prepare, research and do a bit of self-reflection ahead of time. To help guide you as you contemplate having cosmetic surgery, Dr. Mark Lowney of Advanced Body Sculpting of New England reveals important questions to ask yourself. 

Why do I want surgery?

Spend some time thinking about your motivation for pursuing cosmetic surgery. The best motivations are personal desires for specific improvement. If you want cosmetic surgery to change your entire life, you will be disappointed with the outcome.

On the other hand, if you want cosmetic surgery to fix your nose that has always bothered you, or to lift breasts that sag after nursing, surgery will accomplish your specific objective.

Am I doing this for me or for someone else?

Are you pursuing cosmetic surgery because it is something that will make YOU happy — or something that will make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister or parent happy? Any trusted cosmetic surgeon will steer you away from having surgery at the behest of someone else.

Do I accept the possible risks of the operation?

It is imperative to understand and accept the risk that something might go wrong during surgery (such as bleeding, scarring or another complication). Regardless of how small or seemingly straightforward the procedure, any surgery carries some risk. Working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon lowers the risk of complications.

Have I blocked off enough time to recover?

As you plan for your surgery, you must allow yourself enough time to recover from the operation. Pushing yourself to return to work, school, exercise and other normal activities too soon could actually prolong your recovery. During your consultation, Dr. Lowney can give you a more specific idea of how much time to block off for recovery.

Have I chosen the right surgeon?

Your surgeon’s credentials are critical. Where did your surgeon go to medical school and complete surgical training? What types of technology do they use? What is their reputation in the local community?

Ask your surgeon about their educational and training background. Looking at before-and-after patient photos and reading patient testimonials can give you an idea of the surgeon’s reputation. Proceed only if you are completely comfortable with the skill, experience and reputation of the surgeon.

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