Labia Reduction In Massachusetts


Labia Reduction In Massachusetts

 Labia reduction is a popular type of vaginal rejuvenation. As women age and birth children, the inner vaginal lips of a vagina can become elongated or asymmetrical. The team at Advanced Body Sculpting in Massachusetts has given vaginal makeovers to many women, showing major results. Dr. Mark Lowney is knowledgeable about the labia reduction procedure, and can give patients the option of customizing how they want their labia to look.

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What Is Surgical Labia Reduction?

Labia reduction, also known as a labiaplasty, is an option to reshape the inner parts of a vagina, mainly for cosmetic reasons, but the procedure can also reduce discomfort for many women. A Large or irregular labia might be painful, restrictive to your lifestyle, or it could inhibit physiological function. Labiaplasty is a quick, outpatient procedure that uses local anesthesia.

The benefits of a labia reduction are very appealing. If you are dealing with an enlarged labia, your surgeon can restore and rejuvenate it, giving your vagina a more youthful look.

The cosmetic changes are impressive, ridding women of a “camel toe,” restoring even skin tone, and eliminating the potential of labia hanging out of a swimsuit.

The functionality changes are notable – which can decrease chaffing from the labia rubbing up against tight clothing and interference with sexual activity.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

A labia reduction reshapes or reduces excess skin on the labia minora – hiding the inner lips of a vagina so they are not hanging down below the labia majora. The minimally invasive surgery is very customizable, allowing a doctor and patient to choose how the labia will look. After being put under local anesthesia, excess labia is trimmed off, and the edges are closed with sutures that dissolve quickly and painlessly.

There are two methods that cosmetic surgeons in Massachusetts typically use. TRIM and WEDGE.  Both can be tailored to a patient’s needs.

The labia reduction procedure can take up to one hour, and patients can go home the same day. Those who undergo labiaplasty should stay away from working out or strenuous activities for two weeks. Sexual activity should be avoided for six weeks after surgery.

Dr. Mark Lowney at Advanced Body Sculpting reports that side effects from a labia reduction are low, but possible. Potential side effects could include overcorrection, infection, bleeding, and some pain. Your surgeon will go over any associated risk in more detail during your consultation.

Is Labia Reduction Right For Me?

An enlarged or irregular labia can often cause a woman to be embarrassed or self-conscious throughout sexual activity. During intercourse, the labia could be pulled or twisted into the vagina leading to a lot of discomfort. Labia reduction can fix these issues and rebuild confidence.

Dr. Mark Lowney and his team at Advanced Body Sculpting, wants to give women who may be self-conscious about their labia, options to restore and reshape with vaginal rejuvenation. Book a consultation to speak in more detail about the procedure by calling: (508)217-9624.


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