Many younger and older women have labia minoras (inner lips) that are too large and unsightly. Unilateral or bilaterally enlarged labia minora can occur before or after childbearing and can cause the following problems in a woman’s life:

  • Interference with sexual intercourse due to labia being pulled and dragged into the vagina leading to unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment.
  • Chaffing and pain from labia rubbing up against panties and jeans.
  • Labia accidentally hanging out of bathing suit leading to embarrassment.
  • Labia causing deviation of urinary stream with urine not directly entering toilet but soiling buttocks and legs.
  • Labia causing unsightly bulge visible when wearing bathing suit.

Labia reduction is an easy office based procedure which can be performed completely under local anesthesia in about 30 minutes. The patient can choose exactly how they want their labia to look after the procedure. After placing the local anesthesia, the extra labia is gently trimmed away and the edges are sutured together with sutures which dissolve (melt away) quickly and painlessly. Post-operative discomfort is minimal and easily controlled with oral pain medication. Complete healing occurs within 2 weeks.

Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty
Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are two completely different procedures. Vaginoplasty focuses more on the interior organ. Labiaplasty surgery focuses more on the external genitalia or labia.

Price: $5500