Can You Guess the Key to a Successful Cosmetic Surgery Recovery?

Cold presses, compression garments and soothing creams can all go a long way to minimize swelling and help you feel better after cosmetic surgery. However, the number one way to ensure a successful recovery is to listen to your doctor. Post-operative recovery is a two-way street, and the burden of success falls on the patient as well as the surgeon. In this blog post, Massachusetts plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Lowney discusses the best route to a speedy recovery.

Keep It Low-Key

The most common speed bump on the road to recovery is trying to do too much, too soon. After surgery, doctors instruct their patients to ease back into their routines slowly. Hitting the gym or going for a run can set back even the most non-invasive procedures. While walking around your house and performing basic functions is acceptable immediately after some operations, your doctor will ask you to avoid activities that significantly increase your heart rate. Cardio increases your blood pressure, which can induce hematomas and make swelling take longer to subside.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Every case is unique, but your surgeon will likely ask you to do the following things to speed up recovery:

  • Avoid the gym and any high-impact workouts until your doctor gives you the “all clear.”
  • Ask for help with the household chores. Seek assistance from family and friends so you don’t overdo it too soon.
  • While too much activity can be harmful, your doctor will probably ask you to make sure to move around a little throughout the day. Sedentary behavior can also negatively impact healing.
  • When in doubt, call your doctor. If you aren’t sure whether or not a certain activity could affect your recovery, ask your surgeon. Keep the lines of communication open.

Everyone Heals Differently

Many factors go into recovering from cosmetic surgery. Your lifestyle, age and medical history are just a few things that influence how quickly your body heals. Only your doctor can help you come up with a recovery plan that is right for you. Communication with your surgeon should not end in the operating room, but should continue until you have fully recovered.

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor any questions pertaining to your surgery or recovery. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Lowney, call Advanced Body Sculpting of New England at (877) 577-5476.