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Over the past decade, laser techniques have been a consistently popular choice amongst clients who want to get rid of unsightly and unwanted hair growth in certain bodily areas. Before scheduling a Providence laser hair removal session with Dr. Mark X. Lowney, read up on the facts below. You can decide later on whether it’s a go for you or a big no-no!

1. Not all laser hair removal candidates are equal. Since the light produced in laser procedures is used to heat up pigmented areas, people with light skin and dark hair are the perfect candidates for any laser-based cosmetic procedure. Coarser and darker hair tends to absorb more of the light and heat. Darker skin tones tend to absorb heat which may cause skin discoloration. However, you can ask your cosmetic specialist about laser techniques that are specifically designed for blonde/gray hair and tanned/brown skin.

2. Hair growth has 3 main phases: growing, resting, and shedding. The first phase is the best time to use the laser to inhibit growth.

3. It takes a maximum of 6 sessions spaced 5-7 weeks after each other to see around 80 percent of the intended results. Your cosmetic specialist will most likely recommend an annual session to maintain hair-free skin. Residual hairs, often lighter and finer, may appear.

4. Hair removal through laser is generally faster than the electrolysis technique. The former takes around 8-15 hairs per second while the latter runs at a hair per 30 seconds. However, some individuals respond well to electrolysis rather than laser-centered techniques. A thorough assessment and discussion with your cosmetic surgeon will determine which of the two procedures will work best for you.

5. This technique is not always covered by insurance. Ask your insurance agent/representative about it.

6. Expect pain in the affected area post-procedure. It may feel like a sunburn afterward, what with the redness and blisters. A numbing cream is often prescribed afterward.

7. As always, choose your laser surgery specialist with caution. Several spas have convincing promotions but deliver unsatisfying results.

Dr. Mark X. Lowney has been in practice for 18 years and has trained with world-renowned cosmetic surgeons for the past decade. For residents and clients within Fall River and the Providence areas, Dr. Lowney is the most reliable cosmetic surgeon to visit and schedule a laser hair removal session with.

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