Cosmetic Surgery Grows In Popularity


Cosmetic Surgery Grows In Popularity Cosmetic surgery is becoming the new norm. With nearly two million plastic surgery procedures performed every year in the United States, men and women are taking advantage of modern medicine. Over the last 10 years, the total number of cosmetic surgeries has increased by ninety-eight percent…and it’s not only women who are driving these numbers. … Read More

Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?


Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?   For a long time, Liposuction was the sole option for those who want to reduce stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to exercise or dieting. And for good reason. Liposuction results are impressive. However, the invasiveness of the procedure is off-putting to some who might be worried about surgical incisions … Read More

Can Fat Grow Back after Liposuction?

can fat grow back after liposuction

Can Fat Grow Back after Liposuction? Many patients wonder, can fat grow back after liposuction? Read on to find out from the premier provider of liposuction in Fall River, MA. Last year, more than 235,000 liposuction procedures were performed in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Liposuction was one of the top three cosmetic surgical procedures … Read More

Fall River Liposuction

Learn more about the popular fat reduction treatment from the #1 Fall River Liposuction provider. Fall River Liposuction Diet and exercise is the front line of health and making aesthetic changes to the body, but sometimes there are limitations to the results achievable. Most people have one area of their body that they struggle with more than the rest of … Read More

Fall River Liposuction

Many people, men and women alike, have areas of their body with stubborn pockets of fat. Genetics can play a huge part in this as we are all pre-destined to gain weight in specific areas of our bodies and these bits can be extremely difficult to tone no matter the time and effort you put into exercise and diet. That … Read More

Massachusetts Liposuction

Liposuction at our Massachusetts practice can be an excellent body contouring tool for patients who struggle with weight gain in certain areas. Dr Lowney understands that it’s possible that even with diet and lifestyle changes, certain locations such as: the tummy, upper thighs, upper arms or under the chin may continue to retain excess fat. Why not have your hard … Read More