Gummy Bear Implants | The Advantages of Form-Stable Implants

gummy bear implants

Better Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants Gummy bear implants, like silicone gel implants, offer natural-looking breast augmentation at a lower risk of complication than traditional implants, such as saline implants. Also known as form-stable implants, silicone gel and gummy bear implants come in multiple sizes and shapes. Form-stable implants are becoming more and more in demand, so what exactly … Read More

Breast Implants Cost: Breast Augmentation in Massachusetts

breast implants cost

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost? Anyone considering breast augmentation can benefit from learning the factors that determine breast implants cost. While a “boob job” is one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgeries a woman can get, the cost of breast augmentation can be a substantial investment. Before shopping for the cheapest breast implants available in Massachusetts, consider what determines … Read More

Breast Augmentation Massachusetts

Body confidence can be an important factor in a positive self-image and good self-esteem. For women, the size and shape of their breasts many be an important aspect of feeling their best. At our Fall River, Massachusetts practice, breast augmentation can give you the sexy look you desire with the use of a saline or silicone implant. A consultation with … Read More