The labia majora is the outer part of the female genitalia which frames the labia minora, vestibule and vagina. The labia majora frequently looses volume with both age and weight loss producing a deflated appearance with looseness and wrinkling of the overlying skin. This can lead to discomfort during intercourse secondary to loss of the fatty layer of protection.

In most patients, these changes can be addressed effectively with autologous fat transfer. Fat is harvested from a suitable area like the inner thigh or abdomen, purified, and injected into the subcutaneous fat layer in the labia majora. When a greater degree of skin laxity and sagging are present, an ellipsoid full thickness skin resection in the long axis of the labia majora either alone or in conjunction with autologous fat transfer will provide an effective cosmetic procedure. This procedure takes approximately 2 hours to perform. Patients are able to go back to work within 48 hrs. They can resume full activities within a week.